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Dunlop HETFIELD'S White Fang 1.0mm Bag of 24

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Dunlop HETFIELD'S White Fang 1.0mm Bag of 24

Combines the specially engineered shape of Flow Picks with Hetfield's Black Fang Pick
Aerodynamic profile and subtle grip provide superior control
Blended beveled edge provides smooth movement and snappy articulation
Wide angle and sharp tip focus attack for speed and clarity
Perfect for Hetfield's hard-charging riffs
This pick perfectly complements James Hetfield's hard-charging riffage, featuring a Flow Pick profile for expert maneuverability, blended beveled edges for a super snappy attack, and a custom grip so that the pick stays put when digging in.

"The White Fang Pick has amazing grip when sweating from heavy riffing, and a smaller profile to go faster," James says. "Plus, the white is easier to see when they get thrown into the crowd."