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Graph Tech Chops Dry N Glide Talc for Musiciens

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Great for All Musiciens - guitarist, drummers, brass and woodwind players.
Helps dry moist or sticky hands instantly.
Hundreds of applications per bottle.
Clean & easy to use roll-on applicator.
Dry n' Glide is an engineered talc formula designed to keep your hands dry, neutralize the acids to stop corrosion and feel super smooth. Dry n' Glide's patent-pending formula is a must for any guitarist, drummer, or brass and woodwind player, wanting an easy way to keep their hands dry and a smooth.

Its PH balancing formula protects instruments, strings, and cymbals from corrosion, all while creating an effortless feel when they play. With its unique roll on application, you get all the benefits, without all the mess. In addition, Dry n' Glide will leave your hands smelling like a summer vacation!