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Xvive Metal GA-4

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Plug in and play to your hearts content with this mini headphones amplifier!


Power supply: Rechargeable battery (USB line included).
Dimensions (W X D X H): 81 X 75 X 15.5 (mm).
Weight: 52.3g (including 20g USB line).
Working current: 37mA.
Battery Life: 4.5 hours.
Guided Panel Tour :

(INPUT) plug : Connect your guitar.
(ON/STANDBY) switch indicator: Turns the power on or off. When the power is on, the indicator will light up.
(AUX) jack (stereo): Connect an external audio device to this jack. Adjust the playback volume on the connected player.
(GAIN) control: This adjusts the amp gain.
(TONE) control: This adjusts the tone.
(VOLUME) control: This adjust the overall volume of the amplifier.
(PHONES) jack: Connect headphones, portable speakers, mixer or recorder.
(USB): This recharge the battery.