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ALLEN&HEATH QU24C Digitalmixer

Artikel-Nr.: 111368
Lager: Lager wird für Sie schnellstmöglich bestellt!
CHF 2'350.00


The Qu digital mixer series is designed to be simple for any user to operate.
The Qu-24 has 24+1 faders in 3 layers, 24 mono & 3 stereo DSP channels, plus 4FX units with their own dedicated return, resulting in a total of 38 processing channels. 4 mono and 3 stereo auxiliaries and 2 stereo subgroup mix busses are available.
Every function has a dedicated hardware button to complement the touchscreen.
A dSNAKE remote audio port allows Qu-24 to connect to AB & AR AudioRacks as well the ME personal monitor system.
16 Channels of automatic mic mixing, 3 user levels, USB multi-track audio and a customisable fader layout make the Qu-24 a powerful mixer.

Key Features

24 Mono + 3 stereo inputs
16 channels of Auto Mic Mixing
dSNAKE for AB & AR remote I/O
External control drivers available
DAW control
32x30 USB audio interface

3 User levels
Easy reset without data loss
4 Mono + 5 stereo mixes (3 auxes, 2 subgroups)
Ducker on all inputs
25 faders
Compatible with ME personal monitoring system