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Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger Paul Gilbert Promotion!

Artikel-Nr.: 108097
Lager: Lager
CHF 179.00


A cool signature pedal with two types of flange " traditional and crazy!

Paul Gilbert's AF2 Signature Flanger boasts two sections: one is a traditional chorus flange, while the other is the "taxi/take-off" effect (hence the Airplane moniker.) In this mode, you get Gilbert's own crazy sound that includes shifting the pitch up and down. Controls for delay time, speed, modulation depth, and feedback let you create all sorts of cool flange effects. Includes 9V adapter.


Traditional chorus flange
"Taxi/Take Off" flange with pitch shifting
Cool retro look
Rugged diecast case


Manual: Delay Time
Speed: Modulation Speed
Range: Depth of Modulation.
Enhance: Feedback
Takeoff: Speed
On/Off Switch
Taxi/Takeoff Switch
Input/Output: Mono
Power: DC 9V AC Adapter Only (Included)