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MOOER Stomplate Standard

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Compact size and simple styling, reflecting the consistent design of Mooer products.

Patented 180 ° folding design, using a customized aluminium alloy rotatable structure, which can be placed in multiple angles on stage, making it more convenient to access all pedals.

The foldable structure makes the Pedal Board more compact, easier to use and ensures accurate operation on the stage; the built-in fixing method and the perfect combination of aluminium alloy make the whole board stronger an lighter with a solid structure.

The bag features smooth area on the side for logos or labels, as well as an ergonomic handle and strap design which allows it to be carried in avariety of ways.


Compact size and simple matte black styling
180°rotating folding design
Non slip bottom surface
Durable, well-padded bag with plenty of room
Ergonomic storage and carrying options

Easy to carry, compact, and good looking
Multiple angle operation, allowing full access to all pedals and ease of transportation
Stays in place when switching effects
Space for most effects with good p rotection
Can be carried on your shoulder or attached to a guitar bag