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Dunlop CryBaby Custom Badass Limited Edition

Artikel-Nr.: 112806
Lager: Lager
CHF 249.00


The Cry Baby Custom Badass Dual-Inductor Edition Wah brings together the two most iconic wah voices in history-the expressive sweep and throaty midrange of the Halo Inductor and the bright clarity and lush harmonics of the red Fasel® Inductor. Toggle between the two and dial in your toe-down frequency with a kickswitch and fine-tune knobs conveniently located on the side of the pedal. LEDs on the side and back let you know when the pedal is on and which inductor is engaged. Limited edition.

Combines two iconic wah sounds in a single pedal
Halo Inductor provides throaty midrange and expressive sweep
Red Fasel Inductor provides bright clarity and lush harmonics
Toggle between the two with side kickswitch
Fine-tune knobs adjust toe-down frequency from bright to dark
Convenient LEDs indicate inductor choice and on/off status
Limited edition