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Dunlop Justin Chancellor CRYBABY Wah Pedal

Artikel-Nr.: 113596
Lager: Lager
CHF 419.00


Combines three of Justin Chancellor's epic effects into a single pedal
U.K. Filter, inspired by his bass' tone circuit, sounds thick and voice-like
Modified Cry Baby Wah sounds lush and aggressive
Vintage U.K.-style fuzz that can be paired with either mode or operated independently
Customize the two rocker modes with Volume and Q controls
Customize intensity, level, and EQ of fuzz mode
Includes Pedal Topper to allow for simultaneous engagement of rocker and fuzz modes

The Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah is a multi-tool of sonic craftsmanship, combining three separate effects into a single pedal: the fluid expressiveness of a custom midrange filter, the bright aggression of a custom wah circuit, and the chainsaw grind of a vintage fuzz. It's the perfect complement to bass player Justin Chancellor's multi-dimensional role in the band Tool.

Whether opening up soundscapes with chords and harmonics or syncing up with guitarist Adam Jones to perform arresting single-note unison runs, Justin goes above and beyond the traditional boundaries of his instrument to help compose the band's multi-layered tunes. He is, without a doubt, one of the modern pioneer users of effects on bass, and he keeps a carefully configured pedalboard at his disposal for crafting tones and exploring sounds.

This custom Cry Baby Wah combines some of his favorite ways to do just that-filter, wah, and fuzz.