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MXR Auto Q M120

Artikel-Nr.: 113990
Lager: Lager wird für Sie schnellstmöglich bestellt!
CHF 209.00


MXR already offer an envelope filter for auto-wah sounds so why this one? Well, the simple answer is, this is pretty different! You do get all of the expected funky wah envelope sounds but this Auto Q pedal allows stirs in some extra modulation which can be added dynamically via the Decay control to add some alien texture when played hard, for example. It's a unique and surprising effect that makes you re-evaluate the whole placing of the envelope effect within your music. George Clinton would LOVE this!

This pedal is made, as usual from MXR, with solid, rough-worthy metal. Be adventurous and try this on bass, keyboard, vocals...follow the spirit of the pedal and be adventurous!


With the Decay control, you can determine when the shimmer effect comes in, leaving, for example, staccato lines funky while adding a hypnotic throb to sustained parts. The Auto Q features rubberised, nonslip knobs for quick, on-the-fly adjustments.