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MXR Raijin Drive Custom Shop Promotion!

Artikel-Nr.: 112895
Lager: Lager
CHF 199.00


Shin Suzuki is the most celebrated amp and pedal designer in Japan, renowned by tonechasers the world over for his ability to faithfully recreate some of the most elusive sounds in music history. As proprietor of Shin's Music in Tokyo, he has cultivated an unfailing ear for incredible tones. In 2016, Shin collaborated with the MXR Custom Shop to create the Shin-Juku Drive, a pedal widely praised for the way it captured the raw sonic complexity of a rare amplifier with a legendary reputation.

The highly anticipated second collaboration between celebrated pedal designer Shin Suzuki and the MXR Custom Shop.
Reinvents iconic Japanese overdrive and distortion with greater tonal range and usability.
Switch between the two signals with the flip of a switch.
Each is designed to complement the voice of your instrument.
Straightforward yet highly responsive control setup for quickly dialing in great sounds