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KOCH Ventura 20W Class A Combo

Artikel-Nr.: 113027
Lager: Lager wird für Sie schnellstmöglich bestellt!
CHF 1'420.00


20 Watts
2 x 6v6 Tubes
2 x 12AX7 tubes
2 Channels (clean, overdrive)
Passive eq bass-mid-treble tone controls
Custom designed Koch VG12-60 speaker
Short scale three spring reverb tank
Speaker on/off switch (Koch Dummy load switch)
Rec/PA output (unbalanced)
Two-Tone Koch custom design
Incl Koch 2-way footswitch
Dimensions 63 w x 38 d x 53 h. (cm)
Weight 21,8Kg

For many players, a 6V6 powered combo is an American classic thanks largely to the small wattage combo's build in the USA in the '50s and mid-'60s!
The new Koch Ventura amplifier is the first Koch amp based on 6v6 power-amp. With this new Ventura combo, we give a big wink to the amplifiers from that era that we love so much.

First of all, The Koch Ventura is a 1x12" combo with Baltic Birch construction in a stunning classic Two-Tone look. Koch uses original Koch custom vinyl in creme and Red for this amp. The Ventura is equipped with a original Koch 12 Vg12-60 speaker.?
The Koch Ventura is a 2 channel combo with shared passive 3-way tone control which contains bass, mids and treble.
The clean channel has a bright and clear sound, with a spanky mid-range and full-bodied low-end. The clean channel was also designed to take pedals very well.
The distortion channel offers you gloriously thick, saturated tones. You can dial the gain from a bold distorted Bluesy tone to a solid medium gain Rock sound. The 6v6 tubes in the poweramp have a very balanced eq response with a smooth and clear top end and bold bass response.
There is also a short scale spring reverb tank, with a level adjustment on the top panel.
The serial "buffered" effects loop allows you to connect external effects units between the pre and power amp section of the Ventura.

The Ventura features an internal Dummy load and cab-simulated unbalanced jack output. This direct output you can send to front of house or use in the studio. The Ventura also allows you to play "silently," meaning you can safely play the amp with the internal speaker turned of.
?On the backpedal of the amp there's a speaker on/off switch.